Saturday, February 12, 2005

The Hall of Mirrors

With the Eason Jordan case, the MSM find themselves in the quaint position of reporting on the consequences of a major story which--oops!-- they never reported in the first place. Exactly as in the case of the Soviet propaganda newspaper Pravda, their readers and viewers are prevented from seeing the truth of what's really going on directly; they are required instead to read between the lines in the hope of discerning reality. If they're lucky, they will. The MSM are presenting smoke and mirrors and calling it reality.

Unfortunately for them, the rise of the internet has allowed ordinary people not inducted into the journalistic priesthood to have a voice. Suddenly the MSM is like a junior-high teacher caught out in a bald-faced lie about sex while all the kids in the back of the room snigger and whisper the facts amongst themselves. The MSM still has power and authority, but their ability to impose a faux narrative just because they say so has been forever lost.


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