Saturday, November 20, 2004


Amidst all the troubles of the world, in the middle of our seeming fight to the death with the Islamofascists, one question is more salient in my mind than all the others: How can the United States compete with China? At this point China can build everything we can build. China has access to all the same technologies that we have. They are publishing papers in all the same areas that we are. They can read English, which is taught more or less uniformly throughout China starting from first grade; we have almost no in-country knowledge of Mandarin. We have, in short, lost our technical lead.

Given that they have about four times as many people as we, that their educational system is significantly better than ours, that their country is "lean and hungry" while ours is overfed and languid, and finally that they have a serious shortage of girls, a condition known to cause nations to become particularly war-like, I ask again, how can we expect to compete? In fact, our very survival may be at stake.


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