Saturday, September 18, 2004

A Test

Here's a little quiz for you:
  1. Do you dislike American military action overseas?
  2. Do you think American corporations are willing to exploit American soldiers' deaths in Iraq and elsewhere for political gain?
  3. Do you believe American actions in the War on Terror are driven by imperialism?
  4. Are you sorry that the terrorists attacked the World Trade Center because half of the people inside were Democrats?
  5. Do you believe that President Bush had foreknowledge of 9/11?
These are all beliefs held by Michael Moore. You can see how closely your beliefs match to his. Michael Moore was an honored guest at the Democratic convention, sitting right next to Jimmy Carter. Michael Moore's positions match Kerry's in at least five ways, according to Bill Roggio:
Five memes shared between John Kerry and the Minuteman were easily found: Bush Lied, Bush Was AWOL, My Pet Goat, Saudi Cover-ups and Halliburton is a War Profiteer. If you want evidence that the Democrat party has truly embraced the far Left, this is a good start.

And if you still believe the anti-American propaganda in Moore's film, I suggest you go here to reconsider.


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