Friday, September 17, 2004


Roger Simon has an interesting piece up about George Soros, the billionaire bankrupter of small countries. Soros has become important in this election because he is the principal financer of the Democratic 527 group The list of top contributors to 527s is here. Intriguingly, there are persistent rumors swirling around Soros that he was trained by the KGB. Among the frequent posters on Roger's blog is one who calls himself "jerry" who seems to have ties to the intelligence community. He has some interesting things to say about this here.
OK, first I want to say the "some say he was KGB trained" piece is actually a fairly widely held position in the non-DO intel community. The DO community doesn’t speculate, they know. I happen to subscribe to the theory that he was intended to be the Hammer replacement because there is another Soviet Jew (actually only on the paternal side) who both Russians, US intel and the Israelis also believe was a KGB project. That is Vladimir "mad Vlad" Zhironovsky...
He clarifies:
DO = CIA Directorate of Operations. And to clarify further I mean they know either way whether stories are true or false.


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