Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Liberal Schmiberal

The words "liberal", "conservative", etc. have become vastly overwrought and essentially destroyed as far as their information content goes but despite all that I still consider myself "liberal". I am open-minded and I view a certain level of open-mindedness to be a necessity of membership in civilized society. Though the (meaningless anyway) words "liberal" and "leftist" are often conflated, I would fain distinguish between them. The "leftist" is a member of the new religion, a Neopuritan, whether he knows it or not. Almost by definition, he does not. This is a person who has an agenda to push and push it he will whether it contradicts itself, whether it changes dramatically from one period to the next, whether it defies the facts, or even whether it defies reality itself. Anyone who departs from the canonical leftist position on even one point is immediately labelled an unbeliever ("conservative") and excommunicated from the Church of the Left.

That liberals differ in kind from leftists is made starkly clear by the necessity for Republicans in New York to remain in the closet. Here is the followup.


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