Friday, September 10, 2004

Bias From the Cameraman's Mouth

This from a cameraman who shoots stuff in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

"Dan [Rather] is nuts. Has been for a long time. Nothing happened to Gunga Dan when he faked his famous mujahideen moment...arranging with a network stringer in Peshawar to recreate an actual battle. ( wasn't me! Though an Afghan friend, Mohammed Salaam told me all about accompanying him. Full disclosure: I'm still sore at that network's newsmag for refusing to pay me for contracted work that took me a lot of time to shoot over there.)

In the course of the Afghan/Soviet war I met a lot of these phonies, producers and 'talent' alike. If only I'd filmed their off-camera moments of honest disdain--real hatred-- for all things Republican (Reagan,) I'd have a hit movie a la Michael Moore. Biased doesn't begin to describe their political agenda. Watching this crew massage and edit answers is a real education on MSM.


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