Monday, August 30, 2004

Press Bias

Though I tend to think that it is impossible to make the point ("To the believer, there is never any question. To the skeptic, there is never any answer."), I continue for some reason to be compelled to try. Here's one from Neal Boortz.

"Remember back at the Democratic National Convention in Boston, where the protesters were put in a fenced-in camp, unable to march or even walk right past the Fleet Center? The media gave the Democrats a huge pass on this....and it didn't take a rocket scientist to know that blatant media bias was at work. Because now, with the Republican National Convention, the protesters not only are everywhere, but they are the #1 story.

You will hear about every single last protest being held in all of New York City. Why? Because bad news for Bush is good news for the media, who will be working their little hearts out to elect The Poodle. Crowd numbers will be exaggerated, worthless celebrities will be interviewed, as will assorted race warlords and other leftist morons. The conventional wisdom is that the more protests there are, and the larger they are, the more it hurts Bush. So ... you know the routine.

Remember the template.

Watch the coverage of the RNC and compare it to the DNC. If that doesn't convince you of media bias, nothing will."


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