Saturday, July 24, 2004

Sometimes Others Say It Better

Well, let's be honest. Usually. Here's a post from TmjUtah from Roger L. Simon's blog.

"You can only bring two or more sides together if there is some sort of common goal. In the arena of foreign affairs our interest in not being killed by Islamofascist barbarians has been rejected as a reason for the leading lights of the old historical allies (excepting the U.K., Australia, and until recently, spain) to reassess their interests, which have historically manifested mainly as sustaining a predictable bunch of thugs for their own (and I mean own PERSONAL before national, ala Oil for Food and the Mitterand/Chirac kickback legacies) benefit. They also have been sliding down the slope to totalitarianism predicted by Burke as the end component to any utopic social agenda. Their envy has led them to sieze on the notion that they somehow improve their own stature by stabbing us in the back. Simplisime', and bogus. They may have a firm hand on the knife but yet they are still behind...

And the contention that we can't go alone is specious. If our focus weren't so much on winning the peaces following victories maybe the citizenry would finally realize exactly what 'superpower' really means. The jihadis are killing us not because we overtly threatened invasion. Our mere existence as a secular economic collasus will kill their cult if it were merely a question of coexistence.

...which brings us to the domestic front. In a perfect world we would have muddled out of the 2000 election fiasco and gotten on with the business of being Americans but the losing side decided that that wasn't going to happen. There was a two-week period there right after the 9/11 attack when I really thought we were united against a common foe. It became clear to me that the minority, once it was assured that the current administration had little interest in finding fault with the last administration's anti-terror record, decided that the burdens, risks, and challenges inherent to the war could be exploited for their own political ends.

Rich Lowry wrote an excellent article earlier this week touching on this subject. It's not what Bush has done - it's that whatever he does, it's automatically wrong. Too fast, too slow, too little, too much.

Now we've had three years to watch the show unfold. On one side we've got the president and his doctrine and the Americans who believe we are in a war for civilization. On the other side we've got the political minority, most of the media, enough Hollywood to save me a couple of hundred dollars a year on movie tickets, university intellectuals, and the traditional vote plantations of the Left who have shelved 9/11 back there someplace with Wounded Knee, snail darters, and laboratory testing of cosmetics on rabbits.

The other side doesn't get it. They won't get "it"...that we are targetted not because Bush is president or that we shuffled off smallpox tainted blankets to the Crow and Shoshone but because we exist as the embodiment of the liberal dream - a free people - because to accept that we face a foe with which compromise is not an option drives a stake through their utopic worldview. There is good and evil, right and wrong, and there are cultures that belong in history books but have no place among civilized communities.

We are fighting two wars. We have never had a perfect nation and we never will...but never, short of 1861, have we had such incompatible national agendas competing for power.

I don't see anything in Kerry's resume that hints at leadership. I most emphatically don't see character. I don't see anything in his base that suggests a willingness to confront and defeat the enemy before us. And the whole pack of them smell like September 10, 2000. For all the necromantic credentials attributed to Karl Rove I've seen nothing resembling a spin machine from this White House. What I do know is that Bush said what he was going to do when he was elected, and did it. He laid out his plans to respond after 9/11 and has done a better-than-fair job of going about that, so far. I've watched him be called a liar, be accused of everything from going to war for petty vengance to building a pipeline (that rumour turns to have begun as a Clinton era State Department ballon), to being somehow 'unilateral' beause our coalition fails to include the feckless sector or Eurabia or the thugs of the U.N.

Our people are dead. We know who did it, and we know why they did it. Of course, we can only take their word for it, and read the book. The only way to make sure it doesn't happen again (or at least eventually stops) is to go to where they live and remove cancer that breeds the murderers. Yes, we are paying a price in blood. At least most of our dead for the last couple of years were shooting back...and have freed two nations to date.

In the old days we would have killed cities. It might come to that...and I lean toward that outcome becoming more likely should we screw up and elect Kerry...but the simple fact is that Bush The Cowboy has put his bet down on the promise of freedom as the ultimate tool for ending despotism and it's accompanying misery, paranoia, and hate.

That's a tremendous vision. I hope we as a nation can scrape up enough guts to make it work."


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