Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Hammer and Crescent

Europe's continuing religious collapse due to the impending death of Christianity is creating a religious vacuum. Man is a religious animal and he abhors a religious vacuum. This vacuum was filled for a while by the secular Christianities of Communism and Socialism but those milquetoast religions will never fill that deep need which some crave. Particularly with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the appeal of a totalitarian police-state "for the workers" isn't what it once was. No, give me that old-time religion. There is thus an unsatisfied craving for something more, something real, something you can whip your back into a bloody pulp over. Enter Islam.

There's a natural alliance between the European secular Christians and the Euroislamists. They're both religious. They're both anti-Western. They're both anti-modern and anti-science. They're both anti-Israeli and/or anti-semitic.

Evidence for this alliance is continuing to accrue.


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