Saturday, June 26, 2004

Bush is Smart

One of the many lies being told by the Democrats these days is "Bush is stupid". Here's a post from Roger Simon's blog which should put that meme to rest once and for all--for those, that is, whose minds are not yet completely closed.

"On IQs, one should remember that a Dem hoaxter once tried to convince the media that it had the test scores of presidents and their IQs. Turned out to be a fraud. None of the researchers actually existed. The think tank in Penn and Dr Werner Levenstein and Dr Patricia Williams were all a hoax. Doonesbuy bought it hook line and sinker. There is this whole exaggerated IQ idea floating out there now. On the Wonderlic/Terman scale, very, very few people really score over 99th percentile 132. Not even the Clintons. Madonna had higher university entry test scores than Hillary Clinton.

What we do know is that the brainy JFK graduated 65 of 110 at Choate and had an very unimpressive 119 on the Otis Intelligence scale. The brainy Democrat Bill Bradley had a verbal SAT according to Slate, of 485 when entering Princeton. He won a Rhodes scholarship, which isn't as many think a scholarship based on merit. Its a who do you know scholarship. By comparison, GW got over 1200 in 1964, one of two consecutive years including 1965 when the scores for reaching 90 percentile were the lowest in SAT history. For example, an unweighted 1200 SAT in 1964 or 65 would have won the individual a NYS Regents Merit Scholarship, full tuition. Using the FIA a group of university student in Boston during the last election found that Bush actually had a better university record than Gore. That is why this entire line was dropped quickly by mass media since 2000.

IQs of former presidents are usually extrapolated from their writing ability and natural vocabulary. Jefferson and Adams have been estimated as the highest based on their prose. FDR was quite mediocre in his studies and writing, not a brain at all and worse was Truman. Clinton's truly feeble, kindergarten prose and simple vocabulary gives one pause when estimating his IQ. What we do know factually is that he entered college with no better an SAT than GW. Hillary has similar scores to her husband and GW, yet the latter two are always called geniuses by the biased media. Clintons and GW all were at the 80-85th percentile on the SATs. President Kennedy was once estimated to actually have the lowest scores of any president of the century.

What we also know is that GW took the same popular Otis exam and scored 25 points higher than JFK. The Boston Globe cited two professors at Harvard Graduate Business School calling GW sharp and extremely intelligent. It is widely observed by the White House press corps memoirs that Clinton had at least as many verbal miscues and even more brain farts during questioning than Bush. There are plenty of blooper reels of Clinton and Carter tripping and falling in speeches, far more than Bush or Reagan, our two morons. They just didn't play as well as a media joke from the left side of the aisle.

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