Wednesday, June 16, 2004


We have many enemies. With modern digital techniques, photoshopped pictures showing practically anything one can imagine can be easily created and made to look realistic. Put these two facts together and we're faced with a world in which our enemies fight us by creating an illusory view of the world antithetical to our interests. Counting on the "perception is reality" phenomenon, they are able to defeat us before we are even able to operate in physical reality.

Consider, as an illustration, the following snippet taken from Omar at IraqTheModel (link on the right). It's an interview on Al-Iraqyia TV. "They were hosting a spokesman of the coalition and the secretary of the Muslim Sunni Cleric Council Harith Muthanna Al-Dhari."

"-Is it true that Fallujah harbor most of the ex-Baathists and Saddam followers and that these are the bulk of the so-called resistance?

-No, that’s absolutely not true. We were always against Saddam and his regime.

-Come on Saddam named Al-Anbar as one of the “white governorates” because its people didn’t take part in the uprising in 1991, and you have had many pro-Saddam demonstrations since the 9th of April there!

-Now that’s not true and let me tell you something you may not know. First there were only two demonstration supporting Saddam after he was caught and that’s how they happened: Soon after Saddam was captured, a reporter from one of the Arab satellite channels, and I don’t want to mention its name [al-Jazeera], came downtown, gathered a bunch of teenagers, handed each one of them 20US $ and gave them some pictures of Saddam. He then asked them to shout and dance and made a great report out of it. The same thing happened again in exactly the same manner!"

Now, more than ever, you can't believe everything you see.


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