Monday, April 19, 2004

The fight for freedom never ends.

In my youth in the 60's my generation was regaled with stories of World War II, with the evils of Hitler and the Nazis (and the Germans), with war movies, with TV shows about war. In reading the histories I was always puzzled by the Hitler phenomemon. After all, he had spelled out exactly what he wanted to do in "Mein Kampf". There it was, for all to read. Why didn't anyone take him seriously?

It would seem that each generation has its mettle tested on the same crucibles. Today we know what Osama bin Laden wants to do. Many other muslims seem to openly agree with him. Here's today's contribution, containing a roadmap for torching London. Will this generation be able to act, as the "Greatest Generation" did? Why doesn't anyone take them seriously?


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