Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Everyman is Hitler.

First Bush was Hitler. Now the controversial Danish scientist Bjorn Lomborg is Hitler. No doubt we will soon find that Paul Wolfowitz and other "neocons" (i.e., Jews) are Hitler. Yes, even Jews are Hitler--Hitler is everywhere! He's gonna getcha! He's hiding behind every corner, waiting to tempt you.

What's going on here?

"Hitler" is obviously just the word we now use for what earlier generations called "Satan" or "the Devil". This is simple, primitive demonization, which all religions, or at least some members of all religions, seem to require. What's the religion? We're seeing the birth of an entirely new religion here, one which needs to recreate its own pantheon of devils and saints. Read all about it here.

I propose the name "Neopuritans" for this new religion, for two reasons. First, by and large its believers are the direct intellectual descendents of the original Puritans, living in essentially the same places, such as Massachusetts. Second, it is an essential component of the new religion that the world be "purified". The central religious motive for both religions is the need to cleanse the world of its filth. Both Puritans and Neopuritans feel deeply the need to be God's Tool in the Great Cleansing to come. Indeed, in its Environmentalist garb, the new religion seeks to purify the world by entirely removing the virus we know as the human race.

Another point of view on this issue can be found here.


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